Capital Gifting Campaign

Capital Gifting Campaign for a New Fellowship Hall Building

In 1896, a group of Norwegian immigrants founded Glen Flora Lutheran Church in the village of Glen Flora, and a few years later, build a small church building in the village. Over the years, this congregation and this building have served the ministry needs of our members and our wider community in many ways. As the needs have changed and the congregation has grown, the church building has underwent many improvements and additions, such as the move of the church from its original location to the current location along US Highway 8 in 1948, which also added a basement beneath the church, adding modern restrooms, the fellowship area and carport, and a sacristy/office space off of the chancel, to name a few.

More recent projects and improvements to the church have included: the purchase of a new organ in 2004, a new roof, new landscaping, and new sidewalk in 2005, purchase of two new furnaces in 2014, updating the basement restroom, basement ceiling, and basement lighting in 2015, purchasing six lots west of the church in 2017, (and paying off the loan on the new land two years early!), and in 2021, a complete update of the church inside and out in preparation for our 125th Anniversary celebration that was held August 8th-9th.

Today, there is a need for us to follow in the footsteps of those who came before us, and consider what God is calling for us to do in mission and ministry in our community. In a time when so many small and rural churches are struggling to keep their doors open, and when several are closing their doors, Glen Flora Lutheran Church is blessed by God to have a vision for a bright, vibrant ministry today and well into the future. We are blessed to have 66 active families in our congregation, with an average Sunday morning worship attendance of over 50, with several Sundays seeing more than that. Our Wednesday Club ministry has 25 children participating, and 9 students are currently in our 6th-8th grade Confirmation classes that meet on Sunday mornings prior to worship. Our 2022 Vacation Bible School program served 60 children, with 25 volunteer staff helping for our week long event. We are restarting our Youth Group programs with a small, but vibrant group of youth who want to be active in youth ministry going forward. We are blessed to have many of our members of all ages share their gifts and talents with us through our Women’s Group, Choirs, our annual Good Friday Cantata, Mission Outreach to our community and beyond, Cradle Roll ministry, and our JOY (Just Older Youth) fellowship events. Our Pastor has occasionally offers Bible Study opportunities in conjunction with our sister church, Hope Lutheran Church, in Ladysmith, which will be expanding in the coming year. And this only scratches the surface of what our congregation has been doing in the past, and seeks to do in the future.

As we look at all of the ministries we have been blessed by God to have a part in, we have recognized a need for expanded facilities. Those needs include: classroom space, kitchen and seating space for funeral dinners, and our Spring and Fall dinners, more formal office/meeting space for our pastor when working out of Glen Flora, and to provide more handicap accessible space for our dinners and other celebratory events as it is a challenge for those with mobility issues to access our current basement fellowship hall.

In building this new Fellowship Hall, this new facility will assist us in fulfilling our mission of making disciples of all nations, reaching out with the love of Christ to our community. It will give us much needed space to not simply maintain, but to grow our educational programs, give us more fellowship opportunities, and to provide usable space not just for our church and its members, but the wider community.

On Sunday, December 11th, 2022, Glen Flora Lutheran Church began “A Year of Gifting” in which we look back on the gifts from God that we have been blessed with in our congregation in the past, how He has gifted us with His forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ, and how we can now share of ourselves to make this vision of a new fellowship hall a reality. We have set an initial fundraising goal of $100,000 for this Year of Gifting. We invite you to join us in financially supporting this vision. There are several ways you can support our Capital Gifting Campaign for the new Fellowship Hall:

-PRAY! We cannot do anything without your prayers. Pray that God will continue to richly bless our congregation’s ministries as we seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community and the world, and that He will bless our building efforts now and into the future.

-Consider giving! Every gift, large or small, helps us make this vision become a reality. You can consider giving $1 or $5 a week for this year, $10, $25, or $50 a month for the year, or some other amount or a one time gift. We even encourage some gifting opportunities for our children and youth at $.25 or $1 a week for this year.

We hope and pray that you will prayerfully consider a gift to our Captial Gifting Campaign. If you would like more information, please contact a member of the Glen Flora Lutheran Church Care & Outreach Committee, who are overseeing the gifting campaign: Connie Gasior, Sue Haskins, Lila Jones, or Martha Johnson. You can also email the church with your questions at

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